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 Invisible city: Rebels vs. spies

The game Rebels vs. Spies is based on the popular Mafia party game. The original game is played by a group of players who are gathered in a room. Apart from a deck of cards in order to assign roles at the start of the game, no tools are required. Invisible city: Rebels vs. spies is a variation of the rules for location-based mobile game. In order to understand how Rebels vs. Spies works, an explanation of the original rules is necessary.

Mafia is an interesting game based on information asymmetry. The rules of the game vary, but a description of a simple version follows below. The description is based on a variation popular in Greece, where Mafia is known as "Night falls in Palermo..."


The Citizens play against the Assassins. Each group tries to eliminate the other, but everyone acts as a Citizen.



The Assassins know each other but pretend to be Citizens. The Citizens know only that a specific number of players are Assassins.



The game is steered through successive phases of night and day by a moderator. The moderator observers that the rules are followed and announces to the part the covert decisions of the Assassins.



In the night phase the Assassins eliminate a Citizen. In the day phase the players deliberate and vote a player out of the game as a suspect of being an Assassin.